Eutisoftware contains the necessary technology to provide storage and data analysis from digital tachographs and driver cards.

We have been developing application for the digital tachograph since its introduction in 2006. Therefore we can provide you with the most reliable tools:

  • 1- Download data from driver card (Datacograf LITE).
  • 2- Download data from digital tachograph (Datacograf Reader).
  • 3- File storage (Datacograf web).
  • 4- Analysis and integration of analogic discs in Datacograf Professional.
  • 5- Complete file analysis (driver and vehicle).
  • 6- Infrigement analysis.
  • 7- Content reports.

You can access to our website to:

  • Safely store your files.
  • Set access to different users, with specific security level.
  • Make the required reports for the driving authorities (multiple export formats available).
  • Data querys from a fleet.
  • Data querys from a driver.
  • Data querys from a vehicle license number.

With Datacograf web, you can query and analyse your drivers and vehicles activities as much as needed.

With Datacograf web, you can access your infomation anytime, from anyplace.

If you are a Datacograf LITE user, your data will be transfered for its storage, receiving the confirmation from our Storage Center when the operation is completed.

The infrigement reports have a great deal of detail of the current rules and include the penalty amount (if any).

With Datacograf web, the application updates are not a problem anymore.